Here comes the Mother of the Bride!


Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful times in a girls life and during such times we know that many of us would be lost if not for our mothers. While many people might play an important role on your actual wedding day, it is possible that your mother has done a lot of behind the scenes work making the day what it is! In the spirit of mother’s day we thought it only fitting that we share some ideas of how to make your day special for the mother’s in your life as well!

Below are some of our pointers on how to make your mother, and mother-in-law feel special and loved as you plan your wedding:

1. Bring your mom dress shopping. This is not always feasible for everyone, but if at all possible let your mom (and even mother-in-law to be) in on one of your shopping trips. It is a great bonding experience for mothers and daughters and reminds your mom that though you are starting a life of your own, you still need her advice!

2. If they can’t make a shopping trip, fly them in for a fitting! Your fitting is where you will make a lot of big decisions about how to accessorize your dress and make your look your own. Including the mother’s in your life in on these final touches will make them feel important and part of the behind-the-scenes planning.

3. Pay for your mother’s hair and make-up on your wedding day. What women doesn’t love to be pampered! Pay for your mom to get something a little extra done on your big day and she is sure to feel beautiful and important!

4. Slip them a note of thanks. Leave a special note on your mother/ mother-in-law’s place setting at the reception thanking them for what they have done for you and your man. The life of a mother is often thankless. Why not take the extra time to let the moms in your life know how much you appreciate them and all they have done to get you to this special day?

mother in law

5. Buy your mother a special flower to wear on your wedding day. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen get to wear special flowers on your wedding day, why not get one for your mom too? This will make her stand out in the crowd and remind her that she is just as much a part of your bridal party as everyone else!


Sometimes the best way to show someone you appreciate them is just taking the time to stop and say something. We want to thank each and every mother of all our brides for the influential role they play in making their daughter’s day the best that it can be!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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