Hair Comes the Bride

Up, down, on the side? If you think these are dance moves for your first dance, they are not, the are ideas for your wedding hairstyle! Whether your gown is modern, traditional or vintage inspired, your hair should make you feel beautiful from all angles! Below is some hair-spiration for the big day!

Up do’s: Lucky for current brides, up dos have gotten the update they have needed! A bride can have her hair pulled back, to show off some gorgeous earrings and a beautiful neckline while still looking soft and glamorous!



Half up, Half down: Can’t decide between up and down, then this is the best of both worlds! With the option to keep it straight, wavy or curled, you can really get creative by throwing in a twist or even a braid!


Down:  For the brides who want to show off those locks, then this is style for you! Curl it, straighten it or just let it free flow! Then pick up some jeweled pins or a fabric flower to finish it off!

Short Hair: Jazz up your short hair cut with a few soft waves or a headband!


For more hairstyle ideas, check out our pinterest page! Happy hair trials!


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