To Veil or Not to Veil?

The good news is that this question has not one right answer! To each their own! Depending on your wedding style and your personal style, you can choose if you will wear a veil and if you do, what kind! The options are endless so let us guide you to make the right choice!


Length: To your elbow, your fingers or your toes, the detail on your gown should dictate what length you choose so that the end of the veil does not interfere with any beautiful detail! A cathedral length veil is always a classic choice and makes for a breath taking entrance into your ceremony!

Edging: To accessorize a classic gown or emphasize one specific design element, pairing a veil with a lace, crystal or embroidered border can really bring your look to the next level!

PicMonkey Collage


Bird Cage: An incredibly timeless style that has made its way back to modern bridal! Personalize it by adding a crystal headpiece or a fabric flower!

birdcage collage

And if you chose not to do a veil, have no fear, your options are also endless! Tune in next week to our exclusive interview with our in house milliner, Debra Shirley, who can custom create any bridal head piece of your dreams!




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