Meet Our Milliner!

Loving fiance: check. Wedding gown: check. Fabulous wedding shoes: check. Just two more necessities to complete your wedding day look:a gorgeous headpiece and veil! From floral to jeweled, to lace and tulle, let our in house milliner, Debra Shirley create a custom look for you!

Debra has been with us for 20 years and her designs just keep getting more gorgeous! We met with her to get some input and advice on how to make your bridal look unique, take a look at what she said!

“After greeting a bride, I first notice the shape of the wedding gown itself. Then I pay close attention to the particular details of the dress.  My first goal is to compliment the overall look of the bride while wearing her dress. I consider specific design lines and details especially on the back of the gown when determining which veil length will be most flattering. 

In many cases, the best option is a sheer, understated floor length veil that will give a continuous flow to the ensemble.  This way, there is no cut off point, nothing to pull the eye away from the features of the dress or from the brides figure.  Beyond the length and shape of the veil, the possibility of adding custom details such as matching lace or beading is discussed. I am quite fond of a hint of matching detail to truly gel a bridal look together. If not on the veil, then in a decorative hairpiece that remains on after the veil has been removed for the reception. I believe that wearing a headpiece that compliments the wedding gown is the perfect way for the bride to feel polished and put together throughout the evening.”

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If you are one of the lucky brides to get your dress at Ultimate Bride, Debra can make your headpiece and veil dreams come true!


To see more of Debra’s beautiful creations, check out her website!


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    • Thanks Heather!

      Let us know if you ever need an evening gown or know anyone looking for a bridal gown! We’d love to be of assistance. Make sure to follow us on on Instagram (ultimatebride) and Facebook (Ultimate Bride Chicago) as well!

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