Being engaged is such an exhilarating time, and sometimes the busiest time! Between fittings, vendor appointments and wedding planning, it’s easy to forget about one important factor, YOU! Let us guide you to a healthy way to enjoy your engagement and look your best on the big day!


  • It is not only important to stay well nourished but to choose the right foods! Always keep a healthy snack in your purse such as a granola bar, some almonds or even an apple when you are going about your day!
  • Getting creative with your recipes is also a fun way to bond with your fiance and practice being husband and wife! We love for healthy recipes that are easy to make!
  • Saturday morning trips to the grocery store or a farmers market is also a fun activity to do with your significant other! What’s better than fresh fruits and vegetables picked by your loved one!






Staying Active:

  • Wedding planning can often times become stressful, and what better way to release some of that stress than a long walk with your fiance!
  • Trying a new activity like a new yoga class with your bridesmaids could also be a great way to get some quality time with the girls while getting some great exercise!





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