Grooming your wedding day

Every bridesmaid needs a handsome guy to walk her down that aisle, so let’s take a look at different options there are for your groomsmen to look their best!

Every wedding has it’s style, so using the groomsmen attire to bring out that style is always a great idea!

The Black Tie Groomsmen: Nothing like a polished tuxedo to bring that formal touch to your black tie wedding! To make sure the groom stands out, maybe have the groomsmen in a different color tie or vest than the groom!

The Semi Formal Groomsmen: For a wedding in a modern venue, a gallery or museum perhaps, going a bit more modern can really mix things up! Try a grey suit and even use a pop of color for the tie!


The Casual Groomsmen: Getting married on the beach in Mexico? OLE! Try something to ensure your groomsmen don’t get overheated in the sun! A light colored button down shirt and linen pants is a great way to have the guys looking stylish and dressed up without the extra layer of a suit jacket!

Tip to the Groom: Since the cost of being in a wedding can add up fast, think about gifting an accessory to your best bros such as a belt or tie!


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