Meet your Bridal Stylist: Meghan


Photo Credit : Todd James Photography


Q: You’re getting married next year! What’s the one thing in particular you’re looking forward to?

A: I’m really looking forward to my ceremony! To me, the ceremony is a time and place to really showcase personal style from your relationship with one another. Although a lot of planning is typically put into the reception, the emotional ceremony and being surrounded by our loved ones as we make our vows is what I’m really looking forward to. Sometimes couples can get so caught up in planning the wedding that they forget they’re preparing for a lifelong commitment.

Q: What’s your favorite season for a wedding?

A: Spring! I love spring weddings. It’s the season of new life and new beginnings and I get caught up in the symbolism of it all and starting a life journey with your partner!


Q: What’s your favorite style of wedding dress?

A: I love when a bride incorporates classic style with an edge, your gown should always be classic but I love when a one of my brides wants to stand out and I get the chance to help them do so.


Q: How long have you been at Ultimate Bride and what drew you to the industry?

A: I’ve been with Ultimate Bride for 3 years full of bliss. I saw a unique opportunity to help women feel confident and beautiful during a joyous but often overwhelming season of their life. I feel honored to be a part of such a special time in a women’s life because as we all know the dress is most important!

Q: Do you have any advice you can give to future brides when choosing their perfect gowns?

A: Yes, and I say this to all my brides, “Its not about finding the most beautiful dress or the one that looks the best on you because those options can be infinite! It’s about finding the gown that makes you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself.”

To make an appointment with Meghan for your special day, email her at or call 312.337.6300!


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