Meet your Bridal Stylist: Laura



Q: How long have you been in the bridal industry?

A: Oh! Gosh, I have been in the Bridal industry 15 years! 15 long and…joyous years. I’ve worked with Vera Wang, as a representative for Reem Acra and now a Bridal Stylist at Ultimate Bride.

Q: What your favorite fabrics for a wedding gown?

A: It’s not a matter of looking but a matter of touch. I really like a romantic fabric with movement, or a silk gazar and I LOVE beadwork on a gown and working with beading projects on my own. It’s really hard to choose just one!


Jenny Packham “Bardot” gown


Q: What your favorite style of wedding gown?

A: This is a tough one! Do I have to answer?! I love whatever style makes the bride feel beautiful, it really depends on the bride. If I had to choose one, I love tailored lines and classic silhouettes. Ivory whites and Silk whites with clean beading is my favorite.

Q: What advice do you have for brides when choosing a gown?

A: Never ask anyone’s opinion! do what makes you feel beautiful. When I was 23 I purchased my own wedding gown all by myself and no one saw it until I walked down the aisle.



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