Top tips to choosing your bridal accessories!

Below are some top tips for choosing the perfect bridal accessories, we’d love to hear your feedback!


Does the gown already has embellishments on it?

Designers like BERTA Bridal, Jenny Packham and Monique Lhuillier just to name a few designers, have gowns with embellishments like twinkling rhinestones, silky pearls and sparkling paillettes already on them, so you wouldn’t want to mix and match embellishments too much or you run the risk of drawing attention away from the silhouette of the gown and yourself! The entire look should be a reflection of your unique personality.

products_bardot_x-large8(6) 6_SP15_Lhuillier_Annabelle

Do you have any heirloom pieces that you’re going to be incorporating into the look?

This is important to remember because chances are you’ll have these pieces before the selection of your gown! This is the perfect time to use grandma’s pearl necklace, or your great aunts brooch and still be unique! You don’t have to put them where they are originally intended. Try the pearls wrapped around or inside of your bouquet, place the brooch on the last button of your dress right where the bustle would start. You can really add a modern twist to your timeless heirloom pieces.


What hairstyles are you considering?

Its best to find a hairstylist that will help you decide whats best for you and your gown, that way you can decide together what kind of hair accessory you’re going to use. Hair combs, hair pins and birdcage netting options can be infinite. Then decide if you will be wearing a veil? Making sure that all these accessories are cohesive for the final look is important!


Illusion necklines, asymmetrical necklines, beaded necklines, sweetheart necklines….?

Bottom line, your neckline is an important to remember when choosing accessories. This detail can make a break your options for accessories. The right neckline can elongate you, showcase your assets and and make a beautiful frame for the perfect necklace. If your gown is a high or illusion neckline, you’ll want to forego a necklace and opt for a smaller statement earring. If its asymmetrical, then you want to make sure one side doesn’t look more weighed down than the other. If your neckline is sweetheart, you’ll have a lot of room to accessorize, the best advice is and always has been “Less is more”. 

6_SP15_Lhuillier_Annabelle new-peter-langner-wedding-dresses-fall-2012-017 larger_image

Please join us at Ultimate Bride Chicago this weekend for the Erin Cole Accessories trunk show. Our stylists would love to make this small, but important detail of minimal concern for you, We look forward to seeing you!

106 E. Oak St. Chicago, IL 60611 312-337-6300 WWW.ULTIMATEBRIDE.COM 


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