Here’s To Dad!

In honor of last weekend’s Father’s Day celebrations, we thought we would highlight that awesome guy who walks you down the aisle…Dad! There are so many ways to incorporate your dad into the wedding day other than just a trip down the aisle, so let’s take a look at how this fabulous guy can enjoy the big day!

Wedding Planning

There are some dads out there that may have a favorite song, or a favorite cake flavor so inviting dad to some wedding planning appointments may be just what he needs to feel like a part of Team Bride!

First look

The groom does not always have to be the first man in the bride’s life to see her ready! Some brides choose to have a special moment with dad to show him he will always be the first main man in her life! Whether you meet dad in specific spot or he comes to greet you in your bridal suite, he will love one extra daddy/daughter moment before he walks you down the aisle.

Father Daughter Dance

Maybe dad is more of a slow dance guy, so you can pick a song to dance to by one of his favorite performers! Or maybe he likes to break it down on the dance floor and the two of you can choreograph a dance to his favorite oldies tune!

Remember every father/daughter duo is unique so do what you can to make your dad feel extra special! After all he was the first guy you met!