Searching for the perfect gown? Read this first!

Things to remember when you begin the search for your wedding gown!


Choose a date!

Its most important to have already chosen your date, that way your Bridal Stylist can make sure to get your gown in time! Most designers take about 4-6 months to recreate a gown in your size.

Price Point!

There are beautiful gowns at all price points so make sure to have discussed budget prior to your consultation with the appropriate people. This will ensure you find a gown you love at a price you love.

Keep an open mind!

Your stylist may have suggestions for you that you never considered before. Its important to try a variety of styles, you might surprise yourself!


In terms of shopping companions, choose few and choose wisely. Too many opinions may confuse you and can lead to an unpleasant experience. Its not uncommon to find your gown on your first visit, so make sure the people who matter most are present.

Enjoy yourself and have fun!


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